Category: Downtown Strong

Stories of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on downtown Louisville businesses. Photos and stories by photojournalist Chris Wheeler. 9News featured a video segment recently on the stories.

Please see more resources for businesses and how to support.

The Waterloo — Walk The Line

Of all of the stories to tell, this one really hurts. It hurts because the pain of this horrible virus is so raw. It hurts because its power is so indiscriminate. It hurts because not even the most visible, vibrant and successful business in our beloved downtown is immune. Look at the photos and you… Read more »

Crystal Springs Brewing Company — Hope Springs Eternal

It’s late afternoon on a chilly spring day in Louisville, Colorado. While sitting inside a downtown establishment, if you closed your eyes and just listened, you would swear all is right with this world. There was no lockdown. No social distancing. No daily White House briefing. There were no masks. No anxiety. No coffins. And… Read more »

My Saving Grace — Heart and Sole

Grace: noun: 1) simple elegance or refinement of movement; 2) courteous goodwill For Deirdre Mangine, ‘grace’ has multiple meanings: ‘grace’ describes the simple elegance of the boutique items she sells. It conveys the courteous goodwill of the community she loves. And most importantly, ‘Grace’ is the name of her lovely and spirited 13-year old daughter…. Read more »

Bittersweet Cafe and Confections — Sweet Dreams

A look into the face of Azadeh Walsh reveals the world changing before her very eyes — a dream gone awry. The dream of owning her own business has been with Azadah as long as she remembers. Eleven years ago, the dream came true. She had recently immigrated from Iran. In the tradition of Louisville… Read more »

B.O.B.’s Diner — Always Son-y Inside

If there was a “Cheers” in downtown Louisville, most would agree that it would be B.O.B’s Diner. Not only do they seem to know everyone’s name, they know most everyone’s orders. The mere presence of a “regular” starts the grille sizzling and coffee pouring. It’s sort of like the beer sliding toward Norm as he… Read more »

740 Front – The New Wild West

Welcome to the new Wild West, where the outlaw is a spiky ball of genetic material wearing a tall black hat, his faced covered by a bandana (of course). Back in the day, there were 13 saloons lining Front Street in this dusty ol’ cowtown they call ‘Louisville.’ Today, 740 Front is the lone holdout…. Read more »

Old Friends – Laughing Helps

Wendy Wassom is like an old friend. The kind of friend you’d power walk with on Davidson Mesa, share a latte with at Bittersweet, or raise a glass with at Por. Her downtown Louisville gift boutique, “Old Friends,” has delighted shoppers for over 10 years. Old Friends carries an eclectic blend of gifts, greeting cards… Read more »

Moxie Bread Company — Flour Power

“Flour Power.” For Moxie Bread Company, that means baked goods made with organic heirloom wheat flour. Perhaps the most important ingredient is a healthy dose of love. Check out the shot of owner Andy Clark and wife Pippa. When I snapped this photo, they hadn’t seen each other for nearly 15 MINUTES. Andy spent many… Read more »

Assorted Goods and Candy — The Easter Miracle on Front Street

What follows is a reminder of how fortunate we are to call Louisville “home.” A little over a year ago, Sarah Lynch bought Assorted Goods and Candy in downtown Louisville. It was a dream to own a nostalgic candy store, a place she called “her little piece of magic.” Sarah recalls: “I love how people… Read more »