Category: Downtown Strong

Stories of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on downtown Louisville businesses. Photos and stories by photojournalist Chris Wheeler. 9News featured a video segment recently on the stories.

Please see more resources for businesses and how to support.

Verde — Behind the Mask

Certainly, a sign of the times is the sight of so many wearing masks. While wearing masks helps prevent the spread of coronavirus, the act comes with a troubling side effect. Wearing masks obscures so much of the emotions shown on our faces. It’s really difficult to see if there is a smile or frown… Read more »

Gastronauts at Gravity Brewing – Human Touch

I ain’t lookin’ for prayers or pity I ain’t comin’ ’round searchin’ for a crutch I just want someone to talk to And a little of that human touch Just a little of that human touch These lyrics were written by a great American poet. Though written years ago, they remain relevant to our trials… Read more »

/pôr/ Wine House – Catch-22

One of the most somber sights on Main Street in recent weeks, has been the inactivity surrounding /pôr/ Wine House. Occasionally, you see flourishes of activity around The Waterloo, Zucca, and other Main Street restaurants. But at/pôr/ , you see nothing but emptiness. The reason can be explained by the impossible choices best explained through… Read more »

Precision Pours — A Certain Chemistry

In Roman mythology, “Apollo” is the god of sun and light. What does this have to do with how small businesses are coping in Louisville during the pandemic? Read on. Every small business in downtown Louisville begins with a dream. Precision Pours — Coffee and Bakes on South Boulder Road is no exception. Five years… Read more »

Eleanor and Hobbs — Ready to Rumble

The lights go down and the crowd explodes into a frenzy. A lone spotlight shines down on the announcer in the ring. ANNNOUNCER: “WELCOME TO STEINBAUGH PAVIILION IN DOWNTOWN LOUISVILLE, COLORADO. IN THIS CORNER… FROM SOME DARK CORNER OF THE UNIVERSE…WEIGHING A MEASLY ONE TRILLIONTH OF AN OUNCE —–CORONA VIRUS!” (the crowd boos and hisses…. Read more »

Zucca — A Random Act of Kindness

This is a story about courage and resolve. It is also a story about a random act of kindness that will give you hope that it just might be a better world on the other side of the pandemic. On a dreary April 1, I walked over to downtown Louisville and began taking photos of… Read more »

Lucky Pie Pizza — The Lucky Ones

It was Friday, April 3rd. That day, Governor Polis had asked Coloradans to begin wearing facemasks when venturing out in public. Meanwhile, Lucky Pie Restaurant — which had been closed since March 16th — announced they were going to be open for carryout from 4-7pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The owner cautioned, saying he “wanted… Read more »

Thunderbird Barbers — House of Mirrors

I think we can all agree that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us all valuable life lessons. It has humbled us all and brought much needed perspective. Many of the things that bothered us before the pandemic, now seem so insignificant — perhaps even petty. That said, I have moments of ‘pettiness’ when I think:… Read more »