Precision Pours — A Certain Chemistry

In Roman mythology, “Apollo” is the god of sun and light. What does this have to do with how small businesses are coping in Louisville during the pandemic? Read on.

Every small business in downtown Louisville begins with a dream. Precision Pours — Coffee and Bakes on South Boulder Road is no exception. Five years ago, Brice Young opened the doors of his dream. He has been feeling the love ever since.

Brice is the creator of what many consider to be the best coffee in Boulder County. All of the customers leaving Precision Pours say the same thing: “It’s the best coffee anywhere!” You can say that Brice has a certain chemistry with his customers. There is a certain ‘formula’ to Brice’s success. That formula has taken on added importance in the middle of the worst pandemic in a century.

Part of Brice’s secret is the specialty grade beans he uses. The beans are chosen not just for quality but there is a higher purpose. Brice buys from places around the world where he knows his money will make a difference in people’s lives. It’s not just coffee. It’s karma.

But can you really taste karma? Brice tries. Of the 400 cups of coffee he tastes a year, only 30 make the cut. Talk about precision.

In life before coffee, Brice studied surgical pathology, and of course, chemistry. Some call chemistry “the center of all science.“ With the precision of a surgeon, Brice applies chemistry into creating award winning craft coffee. It’s called “Precision Pours” but it could also be called “Brice’s Laboratory.”

At Precision Pours, chemistry is combined with ‘performance.’ To Brice, ‘performance’ means applying the personal preference of each customer into creating the perfect coffee. Precision is not “a one cup fits” all kind of place. Each coffee is a product of precision. If Precision Pours were a TV show, it would be like “Cheers” — on caffeine. Not only does Brice know his customer’s names, he knows precisely how they like they their coffee to taste.

Coffee is not all he creates. Brice has hit the motherlode with his baked goods. He is most proud of a 3-year old culture named “Sara Dough.” A symbiotic combination of white flour, rye — and love — results in some of the most delicious sourdough bread you will ever eat. At Precision the cultures used to make bread creates a culture of loyal customers.

Like all businesses in Louisville, Precision Pours has been hit hard by COVID-19. Revenue is down 60%. Many of the business people who would frequent Precision are no longer walking through the door. What is getting Brice through the tough times are the customers with whom he has created a great chemistry.

A very wise man once said: “And in the end, the love take is equal to the love you make.” Brice’s goal is to put love in every cup he makes. That’s more important now more than ever. “People are grieving right now,” Brice says. “I hope that the cup of coffee I make for them can play a small part in getting them through the tough times.”

Which brings us back to Apollo, the god of light. On Saturday, April 11 (a warm and sunny day BTW), Apollo Young came into this world. As you can see from the photos, Apollo has become the light of the world to Brice and wife, Amy. In the midst of so much death in our world, the birth of Apollo is a needed reminder of the preciousness of life.

In the darkness of a coronavirus winter, Apollo has indeed become a shining light. His birth is a reminder that this too will pass, and that the sun will one day emerge warmer and brighter than ever before.

Please support Precision Pours and all of our downtown Louisville businesses. LOUISVILLE STRONG!!!! READY TO SERVE!

1030 E. South Boulder Rd.
(720) 883-3301