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Photojournalist Chris Wheeler captures the faces of downtown business owners and employees during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Chris Wheeler is a Louisville resident, he loves this town of ours, and when he saw the empty streets of downtown, the shuttered and empty businesses, he felt he had tell their story... he is a photojournalist after all. So Chris gathered up his photo equipment and with the help of his wife, Kelly, he began walking around the deserted streets of downtown in search of inspiration and the lights in the dark through the lens of his camera. He emailed and called and eventually captured the anguish, determination and hope chiseled into the faces of the owners and employees of our beloved downtown businesses. It began as a photo series but quickly turned into stories, as well as photos, as each person he encountered began to speak about the hardship, the uncertainty, and the passion and fortitude it will take for their businesses to survive this extraordinary situation. These stories are ever evolving and despite the extreme difficulty there are still threads of optimism, joy, love, hope and so much gratitude woven into the narrative.

To read each story and view the accompanying photos please use this link. Chris Wheeler’s work was also featured on 9news! To view the video click here.

Historic Preservation Building

This month in conjunction with the Historic Preservation Commission, we are featuring:

The Damiana Family House
917 LaFarge St.

The house at 917 LaFarge was long owned by some of Louisville’s earliest Italian families, the Damiana’s and the Porta’s. Antonio (Charles) Damiana was the earliest owner of the property and also one of the earliest Italian residents of Louisville. He and his wife Angela were both born in Italy. Charles worked as a blacksmith in the coal mines, particularly the Rex Mine #1. The 1910 census showed that the household included 7 children. The family moved to Fort Lupton, probably at the time of 1910-1914 mine strike in Louisville.

The Damiana family lived next door to the Porta family. By 1921, and perhaps earlier, Damiana sold 917 LaFarge to Antonio “Tony” Porta and his wife Libra. The Porta family had houses at 917, 925, and 928 LaFarge, among others. The house at 917 LaFarge was inherited by son Henry Porta and his wife Edith Zarini Porta, both of whom were born in Italy. Many of the Porta’s were coal miners. The property passed out of the Porta family in 1997 and is currently owned by JoAnna Alidu.

For more information about Louisville’s Historic Preservation Program contact Rob Zuccaro, 303-335-4590,

Restaurant Offerings

Below is a list of downtown restaurants that are offering Take-out, Curbside and Delivery Services. Click on each restaurant to be directed to their website. Also, check their FB pages for real time information!

12 Degree Brewing
740 Front
Bob’s Diner
Casa Alegre
Crystal Springs Brewing
Double Happy
Gravity Brewing/Gastronauts
Lucky Pie
Lulu’s BBQ
Moe’s Bagels
Moxie Bread Co.
Pica’s Taqueria
Precision Pours
Rosati’s Pizza
Sweet Cow
Sushi Yoshi
Ziggy’s Coffee

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It Might As Well Be May?

Well, as per the instructions by the Boulder County Health Department, we are still under the stay-at-home order until May 8th, which means non-essential businesses are to remain closed and restaurants are still only permitted to do take-out and delivery. Still, despite the challenges, our downtown businesses are surviving, so far, with the support of our amazing community! Of course, there is a long road ahead, and we recognize that things will not be normal for some time to come ‒ probably a “new” normal in the days and months ahead. So for now, we thank all the patrons who have so generously opened their hearts and wallets to help keep our small businesses up and running at this very difficult and stressful time. Keep it up Louisville, we are truly grateful!

Louisville Street Faire

May has arrived, and while we sincerely wish we could give everyone solid answers about the 2020 Street Faire, due to the continuing uncertainty around the COVID-19 situation, we must still delay the announcement of the 2020 Street Faire band schedule. The health and safety of the community, bands and volunteers must all be our top priority and for now we are hoping that the music can and will continue, but perhaps not until July.

Of course, there are no guarantees and we can only rely on the information and guidance we receive from the state, city and county when it comes to moving forward. We can’t know for sure whether we will be able to hold the Faire, what it will look like if we can, or whether or not we will be able to continue with the current schedule. This truly is an ever-changing situation and we sincerely hope that live music can return to the Steinbaugh Pavilion on Friday nights this summer. In the meantime, stay well, stay safe, and hopefully we can rock it out downtown come July.

Art Walk

The Louisville Arts District misses you all, and due to the county’s extension of the Stay-At-Home until May 8th, there will be no Art Walk for May. However, we are optimistic for June! The Louisville Arts District Board will make the determination whether the June 5th First Friday Art Walk is a go by May 22nd. It will all depend on the social distancing order. Please go to for update in regards to hosting or call 303-664-0043.

DBA Website Gift Card Page!

In a continued effort to further support our beloved downtown businesses please visit the new Gift Card page on our website! There you can find links to buy Gift Cards to individual downtown businesses who have uploaded their links to the website. This is a centralized place meant to make it simple and easy to support your favorite businesses.

From the Louisville Chamber of Commerce

During this challenging time, it is critical that we support our small businesses. When you purchase anything from a local small business, including gift cards, submit your receipts to and you will be entered to win $500 cash! In order for our businesses to have a future, we need to help them today!

Also, please note that The Taste of Louisville has been rescheduled for September 5th!

Continuing to Help Businesses

At this time it is still imperative that we help our businesses in any way we can. Whether it’s restaurant, retail or services, it’s very likely that the owners and employees are your neighbors and they are doing all they can to make sure their businesses survive. So please, continue your support, stay safe and healthy, and hopefully our businesses can open their doors again soon and greet you with smiling eyes (because masks, of course).

Want to help local businesses survive? There are so many ways to support at this time:

  1. Shop online if they have an online store
  2. Buy a gift card
  3. Make purchases by phone
  4. Order take out or delivery
  5. Follow them on social media
  6. Give them a shout out or tag someone on social media
  7. Share/Like their social media posts and emails
  8. Leave a review
  9. Leave positive comments
  10. Be kind and encouraging

Zucca and Huckleberry

Zucca Italian Ristorante
808 Main St.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to our community who have supported Zucca’s Take-Out during this difficult time. We feel so fortunate to be a part of such a great community! We’re open Tuesday thru Sunday for Take-Out, Curbside service for delicious, homestyle Italian Food.

The Huckleberry
700 Main St.

We miss seeing all our regulars and neighbors at the Huck these past weeks. We’ve been serving some Huckleberry food out of our kitchen in Zucca, and we’re hoping to get the Huckleberry kitchen open mid-May for some Take-Out, curbside service from the Huckleberry itself, including out delicious pies, cakes and desserts. Stay tuned!

Three Leaf Catering
808 Main St.

Did you know that we can cater small gatherings in the safety and comfort of your own home? We know as social restrictions slowly lift, people will want to stay safe and healthy as they begin to spend time with those closest to them. Allow us to cater your dinner party, tea party, or small reception. You spend time with your loved ones, and let us take care of the work! We can also provide boxed lunches, or any kind of corporate catering as well!

Sweet Cow

637 Front St.
Sweet Cow Ice Cream is scooping up delicious ice cream treats for pick up or delivery while our shop remains closed. Place an order online and stock your freezer with scoops, sammies, pints or a cake. All order begin on our website where you can review the available flavors ‒ including vegans ice cream and sorbet. We are so grateful for the loyalty and kindness that exists in this incredible community. The patience and love we have seen over the last few weeks has left a permanent mark during a time that is fraught with difficulty. Like everyone out there ‒ we are hopeful, and look forward to brighter days ahead with you.

Crystal Springs Brewing

604 Main St.
Crystal Springs is open 7 days a week for to-go beer, curbside pick-up, and delivery. Call our taproom at (720)572-7975 or order on our all new *webstore*. Miss seeing us in person? Join our bartender Nate on Monday’s at 5:00 pm on our Zoom Virtual Happy Hour. Stay Healthy out there Louisville! Looking forward to seeing everybody back in the taproom soon.

Creative Framing Art Gallery

916 Main St.
As of now, Creative Framing is planning a Safer-At-Home re-opening with some restrictions beginning on Saturday, May 9th. Please see details on or call 303-664-0043. We are also looking forward to hosting artists for an Art Show opening on June 5th. Please visit for status of the show.

My Saving Grace

909 Main St.
Happy May everyone! With Mother’s Day and Graduation right around the corner we have filled our boutique with local jewelry as well as other gifts perfect for Mom or the special graduate. Curbside pick-up is available or we are happy to ship your purchases to that special someone. Shop our website and receive a $25 gift card with every purchase of $100 or more between May 1 and May 15. We can’t wait until the day we can see your smiling faces again (behind a mask of course!). Until then please visit our website and keep updated with us on either instagram (my saving grace boutique) or facebook (my saving grace).

Tilt ‒ Update from Mark

640 Main St.
I spend a lot of time alone at Tilt these days. Getting caught up on repairs and organization projects, tasting the beer to make sure it hasn’t gone bad, testing the pinball machines to make sure they don’t get rusty and thinking a lot about the future. When we first opened, someone told me to look around the crowded room and notice that no one was on their phone. They were enjoying real, in person, interactive entertainment. I think that was always a hidden part of the dream that made Tilt and The Underground come to be. When Greg, Steve and I planned Tilt, we didn’t state as a goal that we didn’t want technology to be a big part of it, we just made a place where we would want to hang out. So as I walk around the empty rooms that were so full of energy, community, laughter, dancing - and so empty of the modern things that have taken over our lives, it’s ironic that we are now relying on that technology to keep our community connected.

Tilt Pinball and The Louisville Underground, like a lot of others, are in limbo on when we can reopen ‒ and what that will mean when it does happen. So in the meantime we are trying to connect our community the best way we know how ‒ through live, interactive entertainment ‒ it’s virtual, but live nonetheless. We currently have two great ways to break the monotony.

Viral Trivia
Watch the show on your computer (through YouTube or Zoom) and log in to our interactive voting app to give your answers. You answer the question, see how you did and where you rank ‒ just like traditional trivia. You can make snippy and clever comments that we will share with the crowd ‒ just like traditional trivia. You can drink a beer ‒ just like... well you get the idea.

Talk Frenzy Comedy
We get a panel of comics together from the safety of their homes, package them up with some fun prompts and deliver them to the safety of your home. You get to heckle, shout encouragement, vote on who gives the best responses and even throw in some of your own. We are also working on some new comedy shows and talking with producers to bring you a variety of online comedy formats.

Ticket Links:

We are constantly brainstorming other ways we can keep the love alive so keep an eye on our website.

Little Big Sound


After a few weeks of canceling parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs and after proms, the crew at Big Little Sound have dusted off our headphones and got to work to create 5 awesome ways you can still enjoy silent discos this summer. We may have to change the way we dance together but we’ll still keep the party going. Let’s roll out some summer fun!

Disco Hikes
Two words that should go together, but never have before: Disco Hiking. We give you portable transmitters that you attach to your waist and play music from your phone. You light up the trail like a combination of Bear Grylls and Saturday Night Fever.

Socially Distanced Neighborhood Parties
Our transmitters reach over 1,000 feet, meaning you can party with your entire street or cul-de-sac without breaking social distancing guidelines. You turn your front yard into an outdoor nightclub or all-day dance party.

Mini Family Disco
Going stir crazy? Kids need to burn off some beans? We got you. Amp up that dancing around the kitchen vibe with your very own family silent disco. Best of all, no arguing over the music with three channels to cater to all tastes from oldies to little ’uns and everyone in between.

Date Night Disco
Binge-watched everything on Netflix already? Take your COVID Date Night off the sofa and onto the dance floor with your very own in-house silent disco for two! The DIY set up is quick and easy, and we’ll even throw in some nightclub lighting to get you in the mood.

Outdoor Movies:
Bored of the sofa? Make a night of it with an outdoor movie instead. We drop off a large screen, projector and the silent disco gear. You can play your favorite movie outside with cinema style sound that doesn’t disturb the neighbors.

For more information or to book please visit Thank you for supporting local business in Louisville.

The Singing Cook

728 Main St.
The Singing Cook continues to hang in there and would like to thank everyone who has been calling, messaging and emailing for orders! We are so grateful for all your kindness and support. We are hoping that we will be able to open up again soon, but we also know that being open to the public will look very different for the foreseeable future. Until that time we are still offering pick up, delivery and shipping on any purchases you’d like to make by phone. Please LIKE and look at our FB Page as we are posting as many items as we can for you to browse. You can also purchase an eGift Card on our website and please join our email list so you are in the loop on all things Singing Cook! ( Knife Sharpening for May 9th is up in the air at this time. Please check our FB page or website for updates.

Old Friends

706 Front St.
Thank you to everyone for the incredible support while all of us try to figure things out. I am overwhelmed by the love that Old Friends and every other establishment in Louisville has experienced. I am proud to be a part of this community!

Old Friends and Assorted Goods will have special Mother’s Day and Graduation Bags. You can choose from different packages of Gifts for Mom from Old Friends and top it off with Chocolates from Assorted Goods. Although graduation will look different this year for the Graduates, we have you covered for Gifts and Candy.

One stop shopping ‒ call Old Friends for information or visit Old Friends for details. Always free and easy no-contact pickup in front of the stores. We will only reopen when it is safe for customers and employees. Old Friends will follow the recommendations of state and local officials. If you don’t have a mask when coming into the store, we will have masks available.

Assorted Goods

706 Front St.
Assorted Goods and Candy has an online shop for curbside pick-up or no-contact delivery! Find us at

We offer a wonderful collection of chocolates, gifts and cards for Mother’s Day and Graduation to make your May celebrations sweeter. You can also arrange for a gift selection from our favorite neighboring shop, Old Friends, and add a delightful chocolate gift from Assorted at

If you would like to make a custom gift basket, please call us at 720-772-7978 and we will put together a wonderful gift for anyone you wish to celebrate this month. We so appreciate your support!

Achtermann Chiropractic

600 Main St.
Achtermann Chiropractic and Acupuncture is happy to announce that our office is re-opening on April 27th with normal hours. We want you to know that your health and safety are our top priority. Our office was closed for two and a half weeks starting 3/27/20 and then we were able to see emergency patients on a case by case basis. We will continue to take all the safety precautions that we have been taking to keep you and our staff healthy.

  • Before scheduling every patient, we will ask you some screening questions, as recommended by the CDC/OSHA.
  • You will notice our newly added PLEXIGLASS installed around the reception desk. This will protect both you and our staff.
  • Instead of signing in, we ask that you use hand sanitizer or wash your hands before seeing the Doctor.
  • Please remove your shoes in the hallway before entering the adjusting room.
  • We have an EdenPure air Ionizer in the treatment room, which disinfects the air and surfaces of viruses/ bacteria.
  • We are allowing more time between patient appointments in order to properly sanitize and have only 1-2 patients in the office at a time. We also ask that only the patient comes into the office, with no other people accompanying the patient. This will minimize exposure for everyone. Patients age 18 and under may be accompanied by one parent.
  • We wipe down tables after EVERY patient, and are also using sanitizing all surfaces & door handles.
  • We wash our hands between EVERY patient.
  • The Doctors will be wearing a mask and we require ALL PATIENTS TO WEAR A MASK to their entire visit.
For appointments call 303-673-9797, text 720-295-9212 or e-mail

Yoga Junction

927 Main St.
Mom-Daughter Virtual Yoga
There is an undeniably strong bond between mothers and daughters, one that is as complex and unique as each girl or woman walking around this planet. Mother Daughter Yoga offers a lovely opportunity to connect and drop in together through breathing, partner yoga, and simple Thai massage. Slow down and unwind together, through playful exploration of yoga and mindful movement. This workshop is recommended for girls 7 and up. Register at

Yoga Essentials Sale
We currently have Manduka Mats and Yoga Design Lab Mats in the studio for sale. We also have yoga straps, knee pads and mat wash for all of your at-home livestream needs! There are two ways that you can shop:

  • Visit the online store and choose the items you’re looking for. Delivery is available within Louisville and nearby communities. The online store is through your Mind Body Account.
  • Email Melissa directly and do your sale via email or over the phone. Current inventory is listed in the online store but if you’d like more pictures or information, please send her a note.
Remember to enter code: SALE30 to receive 30 percent off your yoga props and mat purchase. P.S. Next week clothing will be on showcase! Stay tuned via Facebook and Instagram for details. Thank you for your support!

Louisville Realty Associates

815 Walnut St.

Coffee Talk: “The Mythology of Mortgage Forbearance”
Friday, May 8th at 10:00 am

Grab a cup of Joe, kick back at home and Zoom with hosts Cory Nickerson of Louisville Realty Associates and Beth Fredricksmeyer of Cornerstone Home Lending as they present important facts and de-bunk myths about mortgage forbearance and what home owners need to know before they apply. Cory and Beth will also share current statistics and trends for our real estate market since COVID-19 has arrived. Please RSVP to or call 303-961-6031.

First Friday’s Art Walk? Yes, Virtually! At Louisville Realty Associates Friday
May 1st 7:00 pm

We know everyone is missing our beloved Art Walks. We also know that kids are missing school these past several weeks. So Louisville Realty has decided to support Monarch High School’s art students and create a digital Art Walk online! Our virtual art walk will featuring the works of Dr. Claudia Lastella’s wonderful students and we cannot wait to show it off! Please visit and follow the “Events” link. And if you really like a piece, it just may be for sale! We will keep the art on display all month long. Questions? Please email

Trailhead Wealth Management

Though we are working remotely, the Trailhead team cannot wait for the day that we can get back to working surrounded by our wonderful Louisville community. In the meantime, we have listed a number of helpful resources on our homepage for anyone who needs them ‒ they cover everything from the Governor’s orders, to unemployment programs, to local organizations helping combat the impacts of COVID-19. Visit to check out the links.

We’d also like to congratulate Kristy Tochihara (Director at Trailhead Wealth Management) for being named among Forbes 2020 Top Women Wealth Advisors, and Bryan Pieper & Greg Stringari (Partners at Trailhead Wealth Management) for being named among Forbes 2020 Best-in-State Wealth Advisors. Since we can’t celebrate them in-person right now, here is a little virtual shoutout for all their great work!

A Message from Louisville Public Library

For all scheduled library programs visit

The Library may be closed, but we are open online 24/7 and we have some great services and resources.

Remember that while the library is closed:
  • Items currently checked out have had due dates extended for the duration of the closure
  • No fines will accrue on any items for the duration of the closure
  • Book Drops are closed, please keep all materials until further notice

The Library will reopen for very limited service as soon as it is deemed safe for staff and patrons. At that time we will follow all health and safety guidelines from the State of Colorado and Boulder County. We look forward to serving you again in person. Be sure to check our website or follow us on Facebook for more information and updates! Be well!

Information for the Louisville Historical Museum:
Share your story with the Historical Museum
The Historical Museum wants to hear your experiences and responses to COVID-19 in order tell our story to future generations. They’ve put together a toolkit for all ages, which can be used as a contribution to historical record, as prompts for a journal, as an educational activity for children and students, as a family history record, and as topics for discussion around the family dinner table. For kids, there’s also a Historian for a Day Kit.

Self-guided tours of Louisville
Check out the Historical Museum’s self-guided tours of Louisville, including a tour of the 12 Louisville buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. Visit Programs and Exhibits and scroll until you see “Walking & Driving Tours.”

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