Field Kitchen 111

Situated in between Gravity Brewing and the American Legion Post 111 at 1150 Pine Street, Field Kitchen 111 opened in 2023 serving scratch-made pub favorites to patrons at both businesses.

At FK111, all talk turns to food, and our crew is working hard to serve up your favorites: pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, tots, and assorted small bites, including vegan and GF options, in addition to rotating specials all week long.

We pride ourselves in doing it all. Not just from scratch food, but cooking, prep and service. We took advantage of our collective 45+ years of local restaurant work; by being and bringing the experience of executive chefs, general managers, servers, line cooks, prep cooks, and everything in between to form a collective force of simple good food, served in simple good ways. We won’t serve it, if we won’t eat it.

1150 pine street,
Louisville, Colorado 80027