Historic Downtown Louisville, Colorado Keeping it Real Since 1878

The Louisville Downtown Business Association presents the Louisville Downtown Street Faire

Friends, Family, Community and the Magic of Live Music

For three or four hours, nine summertime friday evenings, life is just like it should be. Babies don’t cry, dogs don’t bark, and wise elders feel nineteen again. The Muse visits the musicians pretty much every night and dances when the spirit moves her. We don’t know why this all happens here, we’re just glad it does.

Be a Vendor at the Street Faire!

Vendor Opportunities

We are now accepting vendor applications for the Street Faire.
Questions? Please contact Ben Gazaway @ louisvillestreetfairevendors@gmail.com or 720-722-2044.
Vendor applications can be mailed to: PO Box 311, Louisville, CO 80027.

The Street Faire runs 5 to 10pm. Music is 6:30 to 9ish — rain or shine.

There is excellent food, cold drinks, lots of children’s activities, quality arts, crafts, sundries
and, because of our awesome sponsors, this event is FREE!

Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules! Well, actually we do, for courtesy and legal reasons.

  1. PLEASE do not bring alcohol to the Faire—it is illegal and just not faire to the folks bringing you this free event
  2. PLEASE do not carry alcohol outside the Faire boundaries—this is also illegal
  3. PLEASE do not bring your own chairs or blankets anywhere under the tents or under the pavilion
  4. PLEASE park in legal spaces only or you will get towed
  5. PLEASE be courteous of our neighbors! Stay out of yards and gardens and do not leave trash or bodily fluids

Don't mess with the Chair Cop!


Q: Can I bring food to the Faire?
A: Yes, but why not try a Downtown restaurant or some of the excellent Faire cuisine?
Q: Can I bring alcohol to the Faire?
A: Absolutely not.
Q: Can I bring my dog to the Faire?
A: Yes, if they handle crowds well and you take very good care of them—they are not allowed under the tents or the pavilion
Q: Can I bring folding chairs to the Faire?
A: Yes, but the chairs CANNOT be set up under the tents or the pavilion
Q: Where is First Aid?
A: For minor problems, go to the Sponsor area in the Library parking lot — for something major, please find a policeman

Auto Parking

You can park in any legal space, but PLEASE be courteous to our neighbors:

  1. Do not park in restaurant lots unless you are eating there
  2. Do not block driveways—you will get towed

Consider alternative transportation!

Bicycle Parking

New this year the Street Faire will have a Bike Corral located behind Bittersweet and next to Por wine bar. Bring a lock!

Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer to work at the Faire, please email Chris Pritchard

Media Inquiries

Please email Marilyn Davenport

Image Rights

The Downtown Business Association takes video and still photography during all Street Faires for promotional purposes. By attending the Street Faire, you give the DBA permission to use your likeness in promotional materials, waiving further notice or compensation.