Historic Downtown Louisville, Colorado: Keeping it Real since 1882

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The Louisville Downtown Business Association presents Louisville Downtown Street Faire

Sponsored by:

Downtown East Louisville (DELO) Gaiam Great Western Bank

Friends, Family, Community and the Magic of Live Music

For three or four hours, nine summertime friday evenings, life is just like it should be. Babies don’t cry, dogs don’t bark, and wise elders feel nineteen again. The Muse visits the musicians pretty much every night and dances when the spirit moves her. We don’t know why this all happens here, we’re just glad it does.

Great American Music 2014

  • June 13 BoDeans

    How good were BoDeans at last year’s Faire? So good that tears flowed and time stood still... or maybe it was just me. Watching frontman and resident genius Kurt Neumann transform from road-weary rocker to Shaman of the Steinbaugh was something to behold. What a night. BoDeans and Street Faire—sometimes you get it right.

  • June 20 Terrance Simien & The Zydeco Experience

    First, a tip of the Baldoni to our good friend C.J. Chenier. C.J. played five straight years at the Faire, and every single show was great. And speaking of great, let us introduce Mr. Terrance Simien. This Zydeco master—a two-time Grammy winner—and his groove huggin’ band are gonna bring that Louisiana thing. Louisville and Louisiana: separated at birth?

  • June 27 March 4th Marching Band

    This is impossible to explain, you’ll just have to be there.

  • July 4 Dark

  • July 11 Los Lobos

    Louisville has the good fortune to be home to a branch of one of the great American music families—the Karps—founders of Waterloo Records in Austin. Louisvillian Josh also happens to have a great touch with restaurants—like Main Street’s Waterloo. Help us celebrate Waterloo Night at the Faire, with kudos to the Karps for helping us book the band from East LA.

  • July 18 Young Dubliners

    Ahhh, high summer in Colorado, sunflowers in bloom, romance in the air, musical mayhem on Front Street. There’s no better way to spend a Friday night than dancing to the never-had-too-much-fun sound of these mega-talented lads. And yes, if the stars align and everyone behaves, the Steinbaugh stage may ring out with the sound of a good clogging.

  • July 25 The Iguanas

    Did you know the iguana is the world’s premier party lizard? Well, it is. So imagine what happens when you get a group of Iguanas from New Orleans together. That’s right, a big freaking bash. So hop in Benny’s Cadillac, catch a ride to Front Street, and have yourself a real good time with one of the world’s great dance bands.

  • August 1 Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express

    He’s a poet. He plays guitar like a sorcerer. He was an underground sensation in everybody’s favorite City. They didn‘t want to share him, but his talent landed him on Letterman and sent him spinning across the continent in a burst of genre-busting creativity. Join us for a San Francisco-infused artful kind of evening with the Prophet and his most excellent band.

  • August 8 Samantha Fish

    If Tab Benoit was a woman, he would probably be Samantha Fish. Hi Samantha, we know you read these blurbs and hope you appreciate that statement, because it’s true. This young lady can play, she can sing, and she has that undefinable something that mesmerizes music lovers and those who soon will be.

  • August 15 subdudes

    Featuring the original Boulder-based lineup and three decades of tunes, the ‘dudes are coming back to the Steinbaugh, a place they have graced with some of the greatest performances in Faire history. Like Papa Dukie says, “love is a beautiful thing, can’t wait to see, what the new day brings.” This Friday it’s gonna bring lots of great music and memories.

The Street Faire runs 5 to 10pm. Music is 6:30 to 9ish — rain or shine.

There is excellent food, cold drinks, lots of children’s activities, quality arts, crafts, sundries
and, because of our awesome sponsors, this event is FREE!

Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules! Well, actually we do, for courtesy and legal reasons.

  1. PLEASE do not bring alcohol to the Faire—this is illegal and the city will have to confiscate it
  2. PLEASE do not carry alcohol outside the Faire boundaries—this is also illegal
  3. PLEASE do not bring your own chairs anywhere under the tents or under the pavilion
Don't mess with the Chair Cop!


Q: Can I bring food to the Faire?
A: Yes, but why not try some of the excellent and affordable Faire cuisine?
Q: Can I bring alcohol to the Faire?
A: Absolutely not.
Q: Can I bring my dog to the Faire?
A: Yes, if they handle crowds well and you take very good care of them—they are not allowed under the tents or the pavilion
Q: Can I bring folding chairs to the Faire?
A: Yes, but the chairs CANNOT be set up under the tents or the pavilion
Q: Is there a Lost and Found?
Yes, ask at the Sponsor area in the Library parking lot
Q: Where is First Aid?
A: For minor problems, go to the Sponsor area in the Library parking lot — for something major, please find a policeman


You can park in any legal space, but PLEASE be courteous to our neighbors:
  1. Do not park in restaurant lots unless you are eating there
  2. Do not block driveways—you’ll probably get towed

Consider alternative transportation!

Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer to work at the Faire, please email Chris Pritchard

Agents or Band Reps

Thank you for your interest in the Faire. We are booked for 2014.