Renew Movement

Renew Movement is a holistic approach to injury prevention, injury recovery, repetitive use strain, chronic pain and immobility. We offer a progressive way to address aches and pains of the modern person. People who are drawn to Renew appreciate medium to deep bodywork intensity with fast and long-lasting results. We utilize a pin and stretch modality that is an active release technique (meaning the client moves during the session). We do not offer traditional massage. Many people use us as an alternative, or addition to, their sport massage, trigger point release, myofascial release and/or stretching routine. Our goal is to unwind muscular tension to restore balance so you can live your best life. We also sell a variety of mobility tools.

We are introducing hydration IVs (Myer’s, Immunity, Relax, Hangover/hydration, Wellness, NAD and glutathione add ons) and shots of B12, D and NAD in late April 2021.

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